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Planing & Designing:

The process begins with a dialogue with the client; and from there, we start with a free "bubble drawing," or blueprint of full construction plan. We then design it and execute every detail with our in-house crew, on budget and on time. We can also rely on our rich network of outdoor furniture and accessories designers to furnish your new space the day we wrap. Just in time for your first party.

Construction: Masonry

Whether it's a walkway or a wall, a planter or patio, this is the architectural spine of the garden. Good masonry lends structure and form, and the choice of materials affects the feel of the garden. Need a visual pause, a path to invite you to another area, or a textural rock in a sea of soft blooms? Think gravel, stone, brick and concrete. We have years of experience and can help you pick the right type of material.

Construction: Carpentry

Whether it's a simple or a custom fence, table or shed, BBQ grill or custom wet bar inviting you to throw a party, custom carpentry can make your garden livable and practical. 

Water Features:

A trickling brook can calm the city-dweller's nerves, and, ponds and baths just may invite bathing birds to sing at the party. We build custom indoor waterfalls, fountains, ponds and streams. Koi? No problem. We can do it all.

Lighting Design:

We design beautifully lit spaces for you to enjoy evenings gatherings. We design and install lighting and help you with the selection of fixtures.

                                                Please give us a call for a free Landscape Estimate.



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